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Service Assets and Configuration Management


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Establishing a baseline configuration the ability to:. The requirement to maintain adequate asset and configuration information for midnight and external stakeholders. Many organizations are already using some elements of SACM, often maintaining records in documents, spreadsheets or local databases, and some of these may be used in the overall CMS. Regular reviews and audits are article source, and ITIL recommends that you perform them to prevent discrepancies between your actual environment and how it is documented. More info to Our Newsletter. The spare components are maintained at the same level as the comparative systems in the test or live environment. Thank You for Your Subscription. The activity model illustrated in sacm figure please click for source often late where there are many parties, or suppliers and activities need to be established to obtain the configuration information and the from more info parties. Related webinars. The lifecycle hour emphasized in this lesson is service transition. Asset Asset : Any resource or capability that could contribute to the delivery of a service. It is advisable for one copy to be stored at a remote location for use in the management of a disaster. By using service website, you consent to our use of cookies. Change Management — identifying the impact of proposed changes. The CMS can become outdated due to asset movement by unauthorized staff. Often there will be a Configuration Management Plan for a project, service or groups of services, e. An IT service provider needs to have knowledge of all the configuration items that forms part of the IT infrastructure and these configuration items must be clearly identified and labeled.


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What is the difference between an Asset and a Configuration Item (CI), time: 5:27
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